Business outline & purpose

Introduction Introduction for Research center

Advanced Display Research Center (ADRC) is leading the

world in field of display research.

Business outline

Advanced Display Research Center (ADRC) has been established for the past five years (from June 2001 to March 2006) in order to secure the potential of the advanced display industry based on the business expenses from the Ministry of Commerce Industry. And this research center has been established to support the production of prototypes for small displays, the performance evaluation of parts and materials for displays, and the training of research personnel.

Business purpose

1. Fabrication of thin-film transistor (TFT) and TFT array and building of infrastructure technology (simulation) for core technology in next generation display (AMLCD, AMOLED, AMLED and flexible display).

2. Establishment of facilities for industry, academic, research and joint research such as professional training, small-sized prototype production, and characterization and analysis facilities.

3. Establishment of information network for new technology, new equipement and competitiveness based on rapidly changing future display technology.

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